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제조국 : ETH_300_SERIES
원산지 : JAPAN
제조사 : PENTAX
브랜드 : PENTAX
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ETH-300 Series Electronic Theodolite Pentax

Building the future
The new ETH-300 series reflect angle accuracy and have an easy to see Pentax red side for safety and recognition.There are 4 models in the range providing a choice of 2”(0.001G),5”(0.001G), 10”(0.002G) or 20”(0.005G) accuracy.

•    Setting out right angles and checking plumb
•    Alignment measurements
•    Anchor bolt layout
•    90°layout

Key Features include:
•    Easy to read-display
•    Zero set and reverse angle display
•    Powered by Alkaline batteries

Easy to read-display
A 16 characters x 2 line liquid crystal display (LCD) is incorporated on both sides of the instrument. Both vertical and horizontal angles are displayed in degrees or gon.

Easy key operation
A row of soft keys allows simple and fast operation

Easy to use
•    Lightweight and compact
•    The basic instrument weighs only 4.6 kg or 10 lbs. 2 oz. (including battery)

Automatic power-off function
Automatic power-off prevents unnecessary battery drainage. The remaining battery capacity is indicated on the display.

Angle measurement and Angle control
•    Clockwise and counter-clockwise angle measurement
•    Conversion of the vertical angle to a percentage grade
•    Zero setting of the horizontal angle at any position
•    Horizontal angle ‘Hold’key function

Bright optics
All the models have a bright 30x magnification telescope which ensures sharp and clear images even in poor light conditions.


구입제품에 이상이 있을경우

-구입후 7일 이내에 동일제품으로 교환 가능하며 운송비는 판매자 부담입니다.

-다른색상 또는 다른 제품으로 교환을 원하실 경우에는 구매자께서 운송비를 부담하셔야 합니다.

교환및 환불이 불가능한경우

-비닐포장및 TAG의 폐기 또는 훼손등으로 상품가치가 멸실된 경우

-포장을 뜯어 제품을 사용하신경우

-반품시에는 구매시 받으셨던 모든 구성품과 사은품을 모두 보내주셔야만 가능합니다.


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