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Leica DNA Digital Levels

Leica DNA Digital Levels
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제조국 : DMA03
제조사 : LEICA
브랜드 : LEICA
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Leica DNA Digital Levels
DNA03 & DNA10 Digital Levels
the second generation of digital levels

It is here: the second generation of digital levels by Leica, the inventors of the first digital levels worldwide. Its modern exterior design, the ergonomics and the largest LC-display on the market, are reasons to be enthusiastic. Inside: cutting edge electronic technology, excellent optical and mechanical systems, the perfect integration of the proven concept of user friendly menu guidance taken from the TPS700 total stations.

For height measurements with 0.3 mm standard deviation per km double leveling (invar staff).

For height measurements with 0.9 mm standard deviation per km double leveling (invar staff).

Advantages that move you ahead:
  • LC-display presents all important measured data at a glance and shows the next step directions
  • Double your data safety: save your work automatically in the internal memory and, after the measurement, on a PCMCIA card.
  • Alphanumeric keyboard provide the highest levels of efficiency at work, optimum comfort
  • Save up to 50% in time with Leica digital levels
  • Measuring without mistakes or fatigue
  • Geo Office Tools is a program that controls data exchange, the configuration of the instrument, creates code lists and stake out height lists and maintains the system software.

구입제품에 이상이 있을경우

-구입후 7일 이내에 동일제품으로 교환 가능하며 운송비는 판매자 부담입니다.

-다른색상 또는 다른 제품으로 교환을 원하실 경우에는 구매자께서 운송비를 부담하셔야 합니다.

교환및 환불이 불가능한경우

-비닐포장및 TAG의 폐기 또는 훼손등으로 상품가치가 멸실된 경우

-포장을 뜯어 제품을 사용하신경우

-반품시에는 구매시 받으셨던 모든 구성품과 사은품을 모두 보내주셔야만 가능합니다.


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